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Sean Groff

I am Sean, a Software Engineer in Kansas City passionate about React and JavaScript.

2020 Year in Review

January 01, 2021🤓🤓

2020 I found myself more motivated than ever to begin the year. It was the start of a new decade. The previous decade was a rollercoaster…

Setting State based on Previous State in useEffect - Its a trap!

August 04, 2020🤓

The Bug Hunt 🐛 🏹 I recently had to fix a bug that made it to Production at work. Uncaught Error: Maximum update depth exceeded. This can…

ES2020: The Good Parts

May 11, 2020🤓

Introduction I avoid a majority of JavaScripts pitfalls by following established best practices. Some parts of JavaScript I have no use for…

Macbook Pro 2019 (16-inch) Review - One Month in

January 29, 2020🤓

My Macbook Pro 2019 I bought the higher model Space Gray 16-inch Macbook Pro with all of the base options. I bought the higher model with…

My Decade Story - First as a Developer

January 01, 2020🤓🤓🤓🤓🤓

My Decade - The Mountain I was going to tweet about my decade but I quickly realized I had a lot to share. I wrote this for myself as I don…

Unix Permissions Demystified

November 04, 2019🤓

Permission Denied Permission Denied! If you've used any Unix-Like Operating System you've no doubt seen these two words in the terminal. A…

My AWS Cloud Journey as a Front-end Developer

November 02, 2019🤓🤓

The Journey Why the hell did I take an AWS certification exam as primarily a front-end developer? Learning cloud services is a NECESSARY…

The Approachable Guide to useReducer

May 20, 2019🤓

Introduction The useReducer hook provides a flexible solution to complex state. The useState hook we all know and love is actually built…

Get Started with React Native Animations

August 29, 2018🤓

What are Animations in React Native? Animation can be defined as manipulating images or objects to appear as moving images or objects…

Introduction to Refs in React 16.3

August 07, 2018🤓

What are Refs? Refs? Refs in React 16.3? If you're still a little green with React it's not unusual to have never heard of refs. I completed…

Configure TypeScript, TSLint, and Prettier in VS Code for React Native Development

July 13, 2018🤓

Introduction This short guide will provide you a consistent and reusable development workflow for new or existing React Native projects…

2 Minutes to Learn React 16's componentDidCatch Lifecycle Method

September 12, 2017🤓

What are Error Boundaries? "Error boundaries are React components that catch JavaScript errors anywhere in their child component tree, log…

Configure ESLint, Prettier, and Flow in VS Code for React Development

May 08, 2017🤓

Intro This short guide will provide you a consistent and reusable development workflow for all React / React Native projects. The more…

How I learned React and how you can too

November 10, 2016🤓

React What is this React you speak of? If you're reading this article I assume you've heard of React and have a basic understanding of what…

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